Healthy Eating · June 1, 2021

Outsmart those SUGAR cravings


Dr. Shelly Sharma

Oncoradiologist, Breast Radiologist

MBBS, DNB( Radiodiagnosis ). Observorship in Breast Imaging , Mayo Clinic, USA. Fellowship in Ultrasound guided Tumor ablation , Samsung Medical Centre, South Korea. Fellowship in onco radiology , National Cancer Centre, Singapore.


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Almost all of us have fallen prey to sudden cravings of indulging into a tub of ice cream or gorging on an entire bar of chocolate. There are times when we are stressed, overworked , depressed or not just feeling up to the mark and we decide to treat overselves to one piece of chocolate from the box of chocolates a friend had gifted , and boom ! there goes in almost half the box. Our mind tricks us into believing sugar is the answer to most of our problems. While what we do not realize is that the problem lies in sugar itself. The more we feed on sugar, more our body craves for sugar. Its addictive and habit forming, its not easy to kick off sugar habit, you may face withdrawal symptoms much like when on de-addiction for other addictions like smoking.

Here are some tricks to help you successfully kick the sugar habit:

1. Start your day with a healthy and filling breakfast.  Include foods rich in high protein and whole grains, which have been proven to reduce sugar cravings. Avoid/ limit quantity of sugar you eat in the morning, the more balanced you will be all day. Also avoid processed foods like bread, cookies etc.

2. Stock your fridge with cut fruits and vegetables. There will be times when you will feel hungry specially when you come back home from work. You are most likely to give in to your cravings at these times. Plan for such times in advance, to prevent dips in blood sugar.

3. Drink plenty of water– Your body can mistake thirst for hunger and make you feel hungry, so drink plenty of water. You can add fruits or lemon to your water to make it more flavorful.

4. Trick your brain– Whenever you crave sweets, wait for 10 minutes and take a walk, or if you are around people talk to someone. That way you may be able to distract yourself out of at least one sugar craving.

5. Include naturally occurring sweet foods. Many vegetables such as sweet potatoes, squash, beets and carrots and other naturally sweet foods include coconut, bananas, grapes, dates, berries and cinnamon. The sugars from naturally occurring substances releases slowly and doesn’t cause the insulin spikes in the body as sugar does.

6. Include high fiber food – Adding high-fiber foods such as broccoli, cauliflower make you feel full longer than foods such as cereals, breads and cookies that contain simple sugars and are digested by the body.

7. Avoid artificial sweeteners – Artificial sweeteners , such as aspartame, saccharin etc., have been shown to increase sugar cravings.

8. Include ginger and turmeric in your diet– Ginger and turmeric which form an integral part of Indian diets help prevent insulin resistance. These can be consumed in turmeric lattes or as part of smoothies and can help you to balance your blood sugar.

It may be difficult for you to avoid sugar specially if its already an integral part of your diet. DoctorMinutes believes you can overcome these cravings if you hold on tight and tide over initial one week which may be the most difficult time and you may experience some drug like withdrawal symptoms. After that, hopefully, you can enjoy a smoother ride and reap long term benefits.


This information is for general guidance and reflects the opinions and experience of the author. It is not intended to replace specialist consultation or provide treatment advice for specific cases.