Breast Cancer · May 27, 2021

Lifestyle changes to prevent breast cancer


Dr. Shelly Sharma

Oncoradiologist, Breast Radiologist

MBBS, DNB( Radiodiagnosis ). Observorship in Breast Imaging , Mayo Clinic, USA. Fellowship in Ultrasound guided Tumor ablation , Samsung Medical Centre, South Korea. Fellowship in onco radiology , National Cancer Centre, Singapore.


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Healthy lifestyle choices may lower your risk of getting breast cancer. These are few lifestyle modifications that can keep you in good shape and lower your chances of getting breast cancer.

Maintain a healthy weight-  Post menopausal women with higher than normal body weight are at a higher risk of breast cancer. You should stay at a healthy weight and prevent weight gain specially after menopause. This can be accomplished by being vigilant about your weight and striking a balance between your food intake and physical activity to stay at a healthy weight throughout your life.

Be physically active –  Many studies have shown the multifold benefits of regular moderate to vigorous physical activity. Regular exercise also lowers your risk of breast cancer. You can start with brisk walking and interval running. After building your stamina strength training and aerobic exercises can be added. However remember to not overdo any form of exercise and build up your stamina.

Avoid or limit alcohol –  Alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer , even when consumed in small quantities. Its best to avoid alcohol completely. For women who do take alcohol, they can limit their daily intake to one drink.
Take a balanced and healthy diet: Diets rich in fruits, vegetables and calcium rich dairy products have been shown to lower your risk for breast cancer. 


This information is for general guidance and reflects the opinions and experience of the author. It is not intended to replace specialist consultation or provide treatment advice for specific cases.