Video · November 19, 2020

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Precautions in Hindi

Breast Cancer is cancer that develops in breast cells, it is the most common cancer diagnosed in women, rarely it can occur in men also. It can occur at any age but the risk increases with age. There is a need to increase awareness about this as Breast cancer is mostly diagnosed in advanced stages when curative interventions have lesser chances of succeeding. Every woman should be aware of the risks and should regularly take measures for early detection. Breast cancer causes the greatest number of cancer-related deaths in women with a higher propensity in developed regions, though incidences of Breast Cancer are increasing in developing and underdeveloped regions. Lack of awareness, limited resources, and insufficient health system pose great challenges for women across the world. The risk of Breast cancer is higher in some women than others, those who have had breast cancer in blood relation, older women, those who have had radiation to the chest or breast, who had benign breast condition, women who consume a lot of alcohol, women with dense breasts tissue and those who are taking hormones for a longer time. However, having these conditions does not mean that cancer is inevitable or vice versa is also not true. At the same time, it becomes very important to consult a Doctor upon noticing these symptoms.