Dr. Shelly Sharma

You may be a lucky person if you have no particular health or mood problem related to your sugar intake. Still you need to realize that sugar can have a long lasting negative impact on health which can slowly and insidiously accumulate over the years. Most of us are consuming way much more sugar in our daily lives than we should. Added sugar can have myriad effects on health –

Fatty Liver High amounts of sugar overload the liver, the liver then metabolizes excessive sugars in the body and converts these to fat. Over time, this can lead to a greater accumulation of fat in the liver which may turn into fatty liver disease.

Weight Gain Excess consumption of sugar, especially in sugary beverages, contributes to weight gain. Since the calories obtained from such drinks are empty calories and not as satisfying as calories from solid foods these trick your body into turning off its appetite-control system. and hence those having a sweet tooth perpetually struggle with their weight.

Type 2 Diabetes  Excessive sugar in food leads to fatty liver and insulin spikes which may be a precursor for diabetes.

Increased Blood Pressure Consuming too much added sugar can raise, the blood pressure.
Effect on heart health. Dr. Hu and his colleagues in a study published in JAMA internal medicine found a greater risk of dying from heart disease in those on high-sugar diet. They also found that higher the intake of added sugar, higher was the risk for heart disease.

We at DoctorMinutes believe the best way to satisfy a sweet tooth is by eating sugar in form of fruits- fresh or dried fruit, as the sugars in fruits are part of a network of fibers that slows digestion and limits rapid spikes in blood sugar levels.

This information is for general guidance and reflects the opinions and experience of the author. It is not intended to replace specialist consultation or provide treatment advice for specific cases

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