About Us

DoctorMinutes is an endeavor to enrich the knowledge of society at large and establish itself as a credible source of correct and well researched Medical and Health related information, by leveraging the power of Social and other media platforms we want to  reach people in need and enhance their understanding of Disease, its prognosis, precautions,  financial implications and best available treatment modalities.

DoctorMinutesis  born out of Dr. Shelly’s  deep yearning to give back to the society to which she believes, she owes her success as a medical practitioner.  A humble attempt  to make lives of people better, to help allay the agony which patients and their social relations undergo in the absence of correct and comprehensible information.  Patients often lose valuable time and shell out precious money struggling to get hands on to genuine facts about the nature of disease affecting them or their loved ones and for securing access to correct treatment modality.

The present health set-up is incapable of satiating the inquisitive hunger for information about disease cycle, patient’s prognosis, financial implications involved in treatment, choosing the best course amongst the available treatment modalities, the precautions to be followed and potential threat of the spread of infection to other members of the family, etc. Often available information is insufficient and fails at reasoning out concerns of the patients and their loved ones who bear the brunt of deeply distressing socio-emotional trauma associated with a disease. To this, adds the confusion created by misinformation available on multiple social media platforms.

The ‘space’ shares authentic medical information to people in simple and easy to understand language which helps them provide a better insight into the disease process and its psycho-somatic and social impact. The information shared in the posts on various platforms and its related links are based on scientific facts and researched articles to assist people take right decisions and make correct choices at the right time about the treatment or concerns of the family and friends. Equally the suggestions and queries only help us enrich our resource base to meet up the requirements.