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MBBS, DNB( Radiodiagnosis ). Observorship in Breast Imaging , Mayo Clinic, USA. Fellowship in Ultrasound guided Tumor ablation , Samsung Medical Centre, South Korea. Fellowship in onco radiology , National Cancer Centre, Singapore.

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These times are difficult for adults and children alike. More so for children because of limited outdoor activities and increased screen time.
These simple tips will help you in keeping your family in good shape physically as well as mentally. These tactics are family friendly, and can be done as a group.

Curb screen time –   You should control screen time not only for your children but also yourself. Don’t be a couch potato. Limit the time you spend in front of television or sitting at the desktop. You should teach your kids to take breaks in between online classes and limit their time of playing video games. Emphasize movement instead of spending time on the screen. Small walks can be taken inside the house or on your balcony.

Set a good example –  You are like a mirror for your children, your children are more likely to be physically active if you are active. Go on family walks and runs. If weekdays are busy, make it a point to be physically active on weekends. Look for walking trails and parks in your area. It is more engaging and pleasurable for kids to be in nature rather than just walking on a roadside.

Plan appropriate activities –  There are app-based exercise classes and free YouTube videos available which are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Seek opportunities for simple outdoor activities which can be appropriate for all age groups.

Eat Healthy –  Emphasize on nutritious foods by replacing empty-calorie foods such as biscuits and chips with nutritious foods. Stock up your refrigerator with cut fruits, vegetables and cheese etc. as these make excellent snacks that are nutritious as well as filling. Nuts also make a healthy go to snack.
Cook healthy meals at home. You can manage the health of your family by cooking simple meals at home rather than ordering it from food delivery services / restaurants. That way you are in direct control of what your family eats.

Eat meals together –  Eating together keeps a family healthy and happy. Utilize this time to communicate and converse with your family so that food is not the only focus. These meals should be about conversing and eating together. Remember a family that eats together stays together.

This information is for general guidance and reflects the opinions and experience of the author. It is not intended to replace specialist consultation or provide treatment advice for specific cases.


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